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Adam Hsu Kung Fu

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

Adam Hsu
Mid-March to September 2020

Classes on Hiatus...

Since mid March, classes have been suspended due to COVID-19. Now in September, just as Santa Clara county is starting to cautiously open up again, the poor to hazardous air quality from the various Northern CA/OR wildfires prevents any outdoor exercise.

So, keep checking back to find out when classes will resume or send us an e-mail if you have questions. Stay safe!

August 2019

Class Location back under Main Pavilion

We are back to holding class under the main pavilion at Stockelmeir school on Dunsmuir Way. Yeah!! Come early and start warming up!!

July 2019

Temporary New Class Location

Due to renovations and construction, we will hold class in front of the octagonal buildings located at the first driveway entrance on Dunsmuir Way. See you there!

June 2019

New article by Sifu Hsu! "Baji" vs "Taiji" - Only "One" "Dot" Different. Check it out!

December 2018


Last class of 2018: Sunday, December 16.

First class of 2019: Sunday, January 6.

NEW CLASS: Starting Sunday, 01/06/19

The Long Fist class will focus on Tai Zhu Chang Quan, a long fist form and practice that we inherited from Grandmaster Liu Yun-Chiao.

Tai Zhu Chang Quan historically was created at some point between Long Fist and Chen style Taiji Quan. It is practiced slowly, like Taii Quan. The movements, superficially, are more simple than Taiji. However they contain a treasure chest of practice that targets essential parts of the body needed to execute real and high-level kung fu. These jewels are there for students to earn through their persistent, mindful practice.

This class is appropriate for newcomers as well as students on all levels. Contact us - - and/or come by to view the first class on January 6.

August 2018

Access to articles from the Traditional Wushu Association have now been uploaded. Enjoy!

July 2018: Updates to website.

Good News! Several updates to the website to report, including the addition of photos from 2017 and porting of some articles from the Traditional Wushu Association now defunct website. (The remaining articles from the TWA website will be ported over as time permits.) We've also made some behind the scenes changes the site, so hopefully all the links still work. Please let us know if they don't!!!

Apr 2018: New Photos Added!

If you haven't already, check out the photos on our Facebook page of Sifu's Visit from November of 2017