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Adam Hsu

Training DVDs

Releasing Kung Fu Secrets Without Holding Back. Connecting Ancient Philosophy with Actual Practice. Programming Modernized Step-by-Step Training.

Each disc contains a comprehensive training program including basics, form, breathing and chi exercises, and examples of usage.

Many thanks to Sean Flemming of Blue Planet Studios for his outstanding work in DVD authoring and for making this transition very smooth for us.

Contact us to order Sifu Hsu's training DVDs!


New for 2011, 3 new publications by Sifu Hsu [in Chinese only]: Learn Long Fist, the companion manga Learn Long Fist: Linking Fist Practice Diary, and a compilation of Sifu's private notes & reflections, Stars Reflecting From my Sword: My Private Notes on Kung Fu.

A limited quantity of these new books, published in 2011, are available thru the school on our books page. If interested, please send us an email for product availability, price and shipping costs.

Sword Polisher's Record is Sifu Hsu first English language book.

Lone Sword Against The Cold Cold Sky, his second English language book is now available.

Sifu Hsu's Chinese language book, Chinese Wushu Essays Vol. II, was published in 2003.   He has also written two other Chinese language books on the subject of traditional wushu:  Chinese Wushu Essays Vol I and Through Thousands of Miles of Resistance (an account of his first trip to mainland China).

If you wish to purchase the books above, visit Plum Publishing. Members of the Traditional Wushu Association will receive a discount.





New for 2011